Nature's most
beautiful hair
Creating beautiful hair every day, just for you.



Your hair - textures, sensations, and emotions all reveal your beauty.

At Follea, we aspire to produce only the finest added hair masterpieces; inspired by nature, beloved and perfected during decades of artistry for the world’s most high profile women. Today, we make all women’s hair beautiful, every day - you deserve nothing less.

Artisanship, combined with a passion for transforming lives, and an understanding that beautiful hair brings strength both within and without, drives us to source only the finest European hair that is styled in our own industry-leading production house, with a quality that you can see and feel.

We believe in creating the hair of your dreams – this is why we ensure that every Follea natural hair masterpiece that leaves our hands has been crafted to perfection. Artistry at its finest.


We traveled the world to find the most exceptional hair. To feel and touch the hair is to believe it – our hair has a lightness of texture and natural color quality that is truly unique.

This is why we use only the finest hair in each of our Follea products, preserving the precious qualities of this resource and drawing upon its movement and wealth of color palettes to ensure the most healthy and authentic hair creations.

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