Wig Manufacturers

We have our own factory.

Yet for some reason, on a daily basis, we get e-mails from other wig manufacturers who want to make wigs for us. What’s most interesting about this trend is that the emails are coming (in somewhat broken English) from wig manufacturers in China, which is where our own factory is based.

Perhaps it’s the tight economy, perhaps it’s the new website, or perhaps this is a testament to the day and age: where sending out an email that reads “we are make great cheap wigs for you” is far easier than doing two minutes of research to see if the e-mail address you rooted up is in any way interested in offers from wig manufacturers.

The fact of the matter is that we’ve worked really hard to develop the skills, resources, and technical know-how to make really beautiful European natural hair wigs, and we’ve earned a reputation for doing so. So to all the wig manufacturers out there, please stop calling and sending us e-mails.

We already have a factory. We’ll make our own wigs. Thank you.

a picture of wig manufacturers
Picture of the Follea Army, Last Winter — Yes, Wig Manufacturers. The best.