Let’s Talk about Hair…

As part of taking on my new role here at Follea, I decided the first place I should start is answering the question “Why Follea?” I’ll be honest, initially, I had the same thought as I am sure most of you had: “A couple thousand dollars is pretty steep for a wig, isn’t it?” Well, I learned that it all depends on how you look at it. Being knowledgeable and well-informed are crucial assets as a consumer, so I thought I’d help shed some light on what makes Follea the leader in quality and beauty. Let’s start with the hair quality.

You could opt for a cheaper option for say $500, but what you’re likely to get is hair that was not collected cuticle correct. What is cuticle correct? Cuticle correct refers to hair whose cuticle goes in the same direction (ponytail cut). If the cuticle does not go in the same direction, you will end up with a tangled and matted mess of a wig. Some collect floor swept hair which is most definitely not cuticle correct. In this case, the cuticle needs to be removed to reduce friction, and in order to remove the cuticle from the hair shaft, it has to go through acid baths and a coat of silicone. So right out of the gate, the hair will be highly processed and not as natural looking.

Since it is a lower priced wig, it will also most likely be Chinese or Indian hair which is thicker in denier. Denier is the thickness of the hair shaft. Chinese hair averages between 90 to 120 microns, Indian hair at 60 to 90 microns, whereas European hair is at 35 to 55 microns, making it a lot finer and natural looking. Chinese and Indian hair also tends to be found in very dark browns and black, which also means that it will have to be bleached and colored to match your hair color and thus further damaging the hair shaft (assuming you have or want lighter hair). European hair comes in a variety of shades and more often than not will start out as virgin hair (hair that has never been colored). The hair does have to be colored a little, but only a few shades up or down and never dark to light in order to protect the integrity of the hair. This is to match Follea’s color ring. By going off of the color ring, you can rest assured knowing that if you order a new wig in two years in the same color, it will actually be the same color. So what does that mean to you? It means that no matter what shade you’re looking for, Follea will have hair that closely matches it or will only need to be lightened or darkened a shade or two. This all lends itself to a much more natural and beautiful look.

By now you can imagine that after everyday wear and tear and regular washing, the $500 wig will not last as long as a Follea wig. You will likely have to replace the $500 wig twice, or maybe three times per year which will add up quickly. Just like with anything else in life, if you make an investment in a quality product, it will last you quite a bit longer than if you opt for a cheaper one. Hair quality is really just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in Follea quality, but a very important one.

Next up: Anatomy of a wig….stay tuned!