Hair Loss. Thinning hair. Hair Fall.

Hair loss comes in varying stages of pattern hair loss, confined or patchy hair loss, total hair loss, or general hair thinning.

Some of these are common after menopause, pregnancy, injury, surgery, cancer treatment and other traumatic events. Others may experience hair loss due to the immune disorder alopecia, medication, the aging process, or styling and hair treatments that have caused irreparable stress to the hair and follicles.

At Follea, we understand how well informed our customers may be and we understand that before coming here you have probably been to a dermatologist, read lots of literature on the changes you are experiencing, visited some of the many websites and forums that concern themselves with these problems and talked about it with friends.

So, we write here not to inform you about your problem, but to instead assure you that we are being informed by you. We want you to know that we understand the strain and hurt that can be suffered when a woman loses her hair and more than anything else, we want you to feel beautiful again.

We are listening:

“I want my hair back.”
“I don’t want it to fall off.”
“I don’t want anyone to know I’m wearing it.”
“I want to look beautiful again.”
“I don’t want to spend all day taking care of it.”
“I want to forget I’m wearing it.”
“Why did this happen to me?”