Topette hair enhancements are the most popular cosmetic hair loss solution for women experiencing hair thinning due to conditions like Alopecia. They’re also an ideal solution for those who desire more volume and body at the root of the hair.

Topettes work with your existing hair to add extra coverage on the top of the scalp where thinning is most likely to occur. Tailored to each individual, each piece is breathable, comfortable, and available in a wide range of colors, lengths, and styles. The application is simple and seamless, and the results are natural, beautiful, and virtually undetectable.

Follea Topettes are so natural, you’ll forget you’re wearing anything at all.


This hair has a natural sheen and very fine texture that is picked during initial sorting and colored naturally to maintain optimum health and condition. It sets a new standard for European hair.


  • Blondes
  • Browns
  • Reds
  • Chardonnay 10030

    Platinum Blonde including butterscotch lowlights creating dimension as the sun rays cascade over your locks.

  • Champagne 7020

    Light Golden Blonde including honey highlights creating the perfect gold sparkle as a glass of champagne.

  • Irish cream 6020

    Platinum Blonde including golden blonde highlights, giving you a trace of nude with light ash lowlights creating a multi-dimensional look.

  • Crème Brulee 5055

    A strong resemblance to a slightly burnt caramelized sugar with a warm custard cream base underneath.

  • Caramel Latte 5030

    Deep Blonde including Butterscotch Highlights giving you that pop of spiciness you desire.

  • Beige 5010

    Light Brown including Butterscotch Highlights flashing your locks of hair with a warm beige hue.

  • Latte 3060

    A gorgeous forbidden light brown.

  • Tea 3050

    The perfect chestnut shade of brown including a deep tea-like lowlight.

  • Chestnut 3045

    The perfect shade of warm brown.

  • Caffeine 2060

    A warm tone of the espresso brown that sets the tone of your day.

  • Espresso 1010

    Pull off the deep brown with warm hues.

  • Pinot 15010

    A hue of violet is a strong characteristic to add to your look.

  • Cinnamon 15040

    A strong brown with flecks of golden brown giving you the warmest hue during a sunset.


  • Exclusive European processed & premium hair.
  • Positioned from temple to temple, with slightly bleached knots on darker colored wigs for the most precise, natural-looking scalp.
  • Exposes a natural-skin part for a true-to-skin appearance.
  • Styled with a classic French part lined with softly woven lace for a gently secured top.
  • Same length hair from scalp to ends for a natural, long, layered look.
  • Silk-like spandex with tiny holes barely visible to the eye to prevent hair inversion in the surface area of the cap, for a natural look and feel.


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