What to expect at your Follea consultation


Your Follea experience begins with a conversation. Allow us to understand your hair-creation needs and guide you to finding the best solution for you.

Once you have been properly introduced to our full Topette and Wig collections, and have taken the time you need to make a choice in a hair-creation, we recommend creating a Pinterest board of hairstyles that can be used to determine your desired look.

Live with your Follea as if it is your own hair. Run your fingers in it, tuck it behind your ears, and love it!

When the time comes for your hair-creation to be repaired, we have a full service to refine your Follea. Repairs are necessary to maintain the integrity of your beautiful hair masterpiece and ensure its longevity. You may request repair instructions form through your Follea expert.

Any questions or problems should be reported to your representative as soon as possible. You can also tweet us any general questions to our Twitter channel using #AskFollea. Remember we are here for you all along the way. We take care of any issues, repairs and when it is time for another hairpiece we have all of your information on file and can place your new order.

Call or write us to begin your journey with a designated Follea expert. We look forward to introducing you to Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair!

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