Be comfortable in our natural hairpieces; they were created with you in mind!

Feel the difference, Feel the beauty

At Follea, we are always asked the question, “What makes Follea European hair different?” Here are the main reasons why we stand out…


Buoyant and response, When caught by the wind or a turn of the head, our 100% human hair moves just like it would naturally captivates the eye with natural movement you can feel and see the quality.

Patented cap construction

We offer a variety of different cap options to suit you and your lifestyle: hand-tied with a French top (Lifestyle and Luxury Collection), lace top front, soft-fit, head hugging cap (Aéro), lace front and added silicone panels lining for an active lifestyle (Gripper).

Natural hairline

Follea hair contours ensure that your hairline always looks incredibly natural. You don’t need to have a bang cut to cover up. Our lace front wig (from the Lifestyle Collection) is for anyone who needs extra support and cover around their hairline.

TruLife colors

We don’t take natural hair from black to blonde and vice versa. We pick out natural hair that is as close it the final TruLife color selection as possible. This process ensures minimum damage to the hair, which gives you the healthiest hairpiece products on the market.


Specialize your hairpiece with the guidance of a Follea expert to determine what cap, size, volume and color you want for your Follea. Once your hairpiece arrives, you can have it cut or colored (just like you would your natural hair) to complete your personal look.

Variation of sizes

We offer varied lengths of hair with a layered-cut feel, that can also be customized your liking. For example our Lifestyle Collection comes in 6-inch, 10-inch and 14-inch lengths, while the Aero Collection comes in 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch lengths.

Highly trained artisans

Our Follea artisans hand process our hair in small batches, ensuring that the unique properties and personality of every tress is perfectly preserved. Our experts ensure that you are educated during your consultation in all of our Follea collections and understand what it takes to customize and care for your gorgeous new hair.

Unique serial numbers

Never worry about your Follea’s authenticity – all our pieces have unique serial numbers that are recorded and trackable. Remember to register your Follea hair here.

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