Follea Expert Emma Hirst, of Aspire Hair in Sheffield, UK (who also suffers from alopecia), helps women get their confidence back.


How did you begin your hair career?

I set up my salon, Aspire Hair, in 2010. I’ve had alopecia universalis for almost 21 years, and I had become discouraged with the local ‘wig shops’ I had visited. Everywhere I went left me feeling more upset than when I first walked in! I had the vision of creating a place that was positive and uplifting. I wanted to help women gain their confidence back and feel beautiful again.

What led you to Follea?

I was researching online about the cap construction of a wig and how it can be improved to be more comfortable and secure. I came across the Follea website and sent an email requesting more information. I soon got a call from Follea and was given the opportunity to take a look at a Gripper and blog my thoughts about it. It was love at first sight! The Gripper cap, the beautiful European hair, the security, and natural look really impressed me. I knew that I had to spread the word about Follea!

Why do you like working with a Follea?

Follea hair is beautiful. I don’t think you can ever get across just how beautiful the hair is via an email or video demonstration. You really have to see it and feel it to believe it. I love how secure the Gripper cap is and how natural all Follea pieces look. The European hair is a dream to style and cut, plus the pieces last so well and are repairable. What I love the most is how my clients react to a Follea wig. They fall in love with the quality and comfort.

Tell us your favorite client story.

One of my most memorable Follea hair transformations was with my client Nikki. She flew in to see me all the way from Ireland bringing along her mum for support. Nikki was a confident and bubbly young woman with a passion for hockey. When she arrived at my salon, Nikki was emotional and so unhappy with her current situation. She had developed alopecia areata just a few months before and was really struggling. It was a massive thing for her to come and see me as her confidence was, at that point, so low. I had spoken with Nikki’s mum over the phone before they flew across to me so I had a good idea of her preferred hair length and color. As soon as I showed Nikki and her mum the Follea Aero2 in the C6020 color, Nikki’s eyes lit up. When she tried it on she cried happy tears! We all felt very emotional. Nikki left that day with more confidence.

Nikki returned to teaching hockey, married the love of her life and had an amazing honeymoon. She even went snorkeling! Something she never thought she would have the confidence to do. That’s the thing about Follea wigs. They really can boost your confidence and your outlook on life.

What are the most popular Follea hair creations?

For my clients, the Follea Gripper wig in the colors C6020 and C3045 are bestsellers. The C6020 blonde shade is such a beautiful multi-tonal blonde that is in no way brassy – a very rare find when it comes to blonde wigs! The Gripper cap is popular as it gives excellent security without having to use glue or tape.

WhatÂ’s the best part about being a Follea expert?

The best thing has to be the amazing people I meet. When a new client comes to see me with their confidence so crushed, it can be hard to witness. When that same client leaves the salon an hour or two later with a spring in their step and a smile on their face, it is extremely rewarding.

Who or what inspires your work?

I’m inspired by the people I meet everyday, and I am motivated by my own personal experiences with wigs and alopecia. I felt so alone when I was in my teenage years and early twenties with zero confidence in myself. I understand the depression that hair loss can bring, and I want to be the person I needed back then: someone who understands not only what losing your hair feels like but who also understands what wearing a wig all day actually feels like. I love the fact that manufacturers are now listening to what clients want and are working with us to create the most comfortable, natural and secure alternative hair pieces possible.

What advice do you have for those looking for a new hair solution?

My advice would be to come to a consultation and always take your time in making a decision. I always encourage my clients to chat with other Follea hair wearers and to take pictures of the different Follea lengths and colors so you can reference them later when making a final decision.

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