Our Beverly Hills Salon stylist, Sophie is an expert when it comes to all things Follea!


Sophie Hafner has been working with Follea since 2012 at our full-service salon in the heart of Beverly Hills, California.

How did you begin your career in hair?

As a kid I would cut the hair off my dolls and soon my friends, which got me in a lot of trouble, but only made me want to do it more! With a focus on studying hair, I attended beauty school at Aveda in Minneapolis and interned with celebrity stylists in Madrid, Spain. Upon completion, I worked as a stylist at Twiggs Salon (as seen on Elle Magazine and Millionaire Matchmaker) until I moved to Fantasia Salon to concentrate on hair replacement pieces. I just always wanted to make beautiful hair and felt that no one should have to be without it!

What led you to Follea?

I received an opportunity to go work with Twila at Fantasia Salon in Minneapolis where they offered all forms of hair replacement. It was there that I fell in love with Follea hair!

Why Follea?

Follea hair is the finest in the industry. It has movement and is just like working with a normal head of hair. As a stylist, it’s a dream to work with, compared to other hairpieces that are difficult to make look natural on the client. The possibilities with Follea hair-creations are even better than normal hair, since you have more versatility.

For those you have never had a consultation, what can they expect?

First, we usually do a consultation over the phone or email to better understand your specific needs. When you walk into our very private salon, we chat more about the details of how you need your Follea to perform for you. For example, we ask if it’s a temporary need or just for a special event to attend or daily use. If you’re new to Follea, it’s very important that you know about the functions of every collection and hairpiece. At the Beverly Hills salon, we carry every Follea in existence so that you have full access to our products. This way, you are best equipped for your decision in finding the right Follea. After a Follea is chosen, we cut, color and style, to customize it to your liking. Before you leave, we teach you how to best take care of your Follea. We make sure you have a relaxed, private and joyful experience with us!

What’s the best part about being a Follea expert?

Watching my clients walk out of the door wearing their Follea! It’s amazing to see their confidence level rise. I love seeing my clients treating Follea like it’s their own. The pictures and emails I receive from my clients are the most rewarding part, and that’s what keeps me going.

Call us to book your appointment – we’re looking forward to meeting you!

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