Follea expert, Juan of Seattle, WA, ensures that his clients have the full story on hair loss solutions.

We spoke with Follea expert and stylist, Juan of Salon Juan in Seattle, Washington. Find out why he works with Follea and his advice on finding the right hair loss solution.

How did your hair interest begin?

I am the youngest of five children, and would always do my sisters’ and mom’s hair. It got to the point where I would even do my brother’s girlfriends’ hair! Anyone who walked into the house was subject to getting her hair styled by me. My Mexican mother would always have her telenovelas on the TV, and I found inspiration to recreate the actress’ hair on my mom. I especially loved braiding the hair of the girls at my junior high school and began working with their hair extensions.

My high school counselors knew about my hair styling reputation and wisely advised me to go to beauty school. There, I trained beyond braids and extensions and worked with cutting and coloring.

What led you to Follea?

Whilst I was working in downtown Seattle, I wanted more from my work with hair. I searched online and found an interest in hairpieces. With hairpieces, I found a passion to work with new clientele that needed quality hair solutions. In my research, Follea filled that desire.

Describe Follea in 5 words.

Quality. Beauty. Natural. Integrity. No-brainer.

What’s your favorite Follea client story?

A woman with a Topette couldn’t stop touching her Follea saying, “This is what my hair should be.” She later texted me a selfie because she was so proud of how it looked!

What’s the common reaction to alternative hair?

When clients first walk into my salon, they are shocked that we are not a clinic and that we have a strong focus on individual style. There is a strong sense of release once clients see that there are hair solutions that are right for them. One client remarked, “I am not alone,” which is incredibly powerful to hear since you know it took a lot for them to even make the call to set up the appointment for a consultation.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Getting it right with someone. I love helping my clients to find a hair loss solution. I can only imagine what it must be like for them, and I want to give them all the information and knowledge I have to help and support their journey. By the time they come to me, it’s time to relieve some anxiety!

What advice do you have for those looking for a new hair solution?

Have conversations surrounding your circumstance. It’s important to find people who are in a similar situation and to spend time with your stylist.

Make sure when your looking to experts for help, that you’re looking someone who values you when you’re sitting the hair salon’s chair. Your stylist should honor and celebrate you. And it’s a two-way street; your experience should be beneficial to both you and the stylist. Be honest, and you’ll find a stylist who is ready to help you achieve your hair goals.

Client testimonial:

“When I first went to see Juan at Salon Juan, I was so impressed by his kind, caring and patient manner. I was treated like royalty. He and I had a frank and honest discussion about my hair options. With his assistance I picked a beautiful Follea Wig – his keen eye for color, knowledge and passion for his work makes such a difference. Needless to say, I am thrilled with it. When I wear her, I feel confident and well groomed. There’s something about having a ‘good hair day’ every day that is hard to put into words. I’m so glad I found Salon Juan and I guarantee you will be thrilled with the friendly, respectful atmosphere at the salon.” – Jenny (Source:

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