You don’t have to miss out on the fun this Halloween – our experts share their tips for getting creative with your Follea.



Halloween is almost here, and you have your costume ready to go. But what about your hair? Here are some tips from our Follea experts on how to accessorize your Follea without causing damage.

  1. No matter the occasion, you can always wear a hat with a Follea – good news as hats are having a strong fashion moment again this Fall! Hats like this should fit comfortably on the crown of your head and be properly balanced, so that the weight doesn’t pull your hair creation down.
  2. To achieve this Day of the Dead hair on your Follea, don’t be afraid to use hairpins. We strongly recommend when using hairpins on a Follea, to NOT attached the hairpin to the cap itself, but only to the hair. Big hair with flowers artistically placed within a bed of curls and twists should be carefully balanced on the crown of your head for the best security.
  3. Headbands can easily be worn with your Follea wig. Add a gorgeous headband, like this one for a flapper costume, on the top of your Follea and bring a few small sections of hair out to the front of the face for a natural look. Remember to use a headband that fits you comfortably since constant adjustment during your Halloween party can cause wear and tear of your hair.
  4. Use hairpins or attach your hair accents, like these butterflies for an enchanted fairy costume, to barrettes for a magical touch. Make sure the pins, clips and barrettes are only connected to your hair and not to the cap of the wig. If you’re using hairties, we recommend using ribbon hairties since they are softer on the hair.
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