Meet our Follea Friend Kim, who is a wife, mother of two, and works as a horse trainer. Learn how wearing a Follea fits into her everyday life!

Please introduce yourself.

I’m Kim, a native Californian on both sides of my family. I’m a horse trainer, a wife, and mother of two kids, who are 5 and 8-years-old.

When did you purchase your first Follea?

I got my first Follea in November 2013. It’s an Aero, 12 inch in brown. I just purchased my second one in October 2015. It’s also an Aero, but 14 inch with extra body and brown.

The first couple of weeks of wearing a wig were hard for me, just because it seemed like such a huge change, and I was worried what everyone was going to say. I was so surprised at how many people didn’t realize that there was anything different about my hair. The most common question I got was, “Did you color your hair?” I love Follea and the freedom it has given me to be myself.

What’s your morning routine?

I shower first thing every morning to wash my real hair because it gets oily quickly. I let it air dry while I get my kids up and ready for school. Once my real hair is dry, I put on my Follea. When we are all ready, I take my kids to school and then head to work. I either have lessons or horses to ride.

How would you describe your style?

Jeans, jeans and more jeans! Whether I’m dressing up, going to work, or helping at school, I wear denim. One of the wonderful things about wearing a wig is that your hair remains styled for many days. My style is pretty casual but current. I’m 6’0” tall but that doesn’t stop me from wearing heels!

What does the majority of your day consist of?

My day consists of lots of driving and changing outfits. I change my clothes at least three times between work, volunteering and maintaining a house with two kids. My Follea is just a part of me. When I change my clothes for work, I usually put my Follea in its box because I wear a cowboy hat, and I want to keep my Follea clean from dust. When I am done working, I change clothes and put my Follea back on. I then spend a lot of time volunteering at my kid’s schools. I keep my Follea on until I get home at night and change into my pajamas.

What do you do for fun?

Riding horses is my passion. My sister is also a trainer so we get to work and play together.

We also have a ranch that we visit at least once a month where we ride dirt bikes and target shoot. Both of my kids learned to ride their own dirt bikes this summer, so that has been lots of fun.

What’s your current go-to hairstyle?

I actually have two. For my 12-inch Aero I wear it straight with a soft curl under. For my 14-inch Aero I like it air-dried because it has extra body, which means curls, which I love. My real hair is curly/wavy, and I always dreamed of having it long – with Follea I can!

Describe your idea of a relaxing night-in.

My favorite relaxing evening is when my kids go to bed easily! They are young and this won’t last, but bedtime is currently my least favorite time of day. I’m tired; they’re tired, which isn’t the best recipe for calm.

Who inspires you?

Different parts of my life have different people who inspire me. With my marriage, my husband really inspires me. We work hard at being better people for each other and having a relationship that provides a strong foundation for our family. As a mother, my mom is a huge inspiration for me. She was/is a great mom and we have a wonderful relationship. I see her every day. My kids actually inspire me as a mother as well. They need me to be the best mom I can be they are depending on me.

With work, there are several horsemen that I consider mentors – Ray Hunt and Tom Curtin.

What’s your advice to anyone looking for hair solutions?

Don’t wait! I wish I had done something sooner. There are enough things in life that cannot be easily changed but thinning hair is something that you can do something about, do it! All of my friends know that I wear a wig – I don’t hide it. It is freeing for me to tell people. I am not going to be controlled by a fear of people finding out. My favorite part when I tell someone is how shocked they are.

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