Our hair is gently hand processed in small batches to protect the natural character and beauty of each individual strand.

From the moment that you wear a Follea hair creation, either a wig or topette, your power, beauty and strength infuses nature’s most beautiful hair with its own individuality.

We understand our role – to create beautiful hair, everyday, just for you. And we know that, just like the best kept style secrets; no one else need ever know.

Completely natural, with a quality that can be seen, felt, and proven; we are privileged to become a part of your story.


Beautiful hair is meant to be held, touched and loved. It is a sensory experience.

We reject mass manufacturing methods, and instead rely on our technical expertise to personally hand select from each and every one of the single cut ponytails that arrives at our hair center to bring you the world’s finest quality hair.


Our European hair creations feature three distinct grades of hair.

Hand Select

The most rare commodity, Hand Select is the finest and most precious reserve of Premium European hair in the market. Hand Select is sorted with the utmost care and attention by our most experienced and skilled artisans.


Premium European

Setting the standard for European added hair across the industry, Premium European hair has a natural sheen and very fine texture that is picked during initial sorting and is colored naturally to maintain optimum health and condition.


European Processed

The secret to our European Processed hair lies in the way we treat it. 

Used in Follea open lace products, this grade of hair demands a level of processing to make the most natural front hairline. A slightly heavier denier combined with a partially removed cuticle sets European Processed apart from its nearest competitors. More than a decade of research techniques to date has been invested in mastering the Follea cuticle treatment process that does not compromise the hair’s fine quality. 

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